Sherrie Lord

Readers’ Reviews of “Spanky’s Secret”

I shall treasure this book and shelve it with other treasures, books to be reread … The characters are genuine brought to life on the page. Do I recommend? Not just yes, but hell yes.

…You HAVE to check out Spanky’s Secret! It is just the right combo of adventure, love, heartbreak, and, you could even say, betrayal! … I simply couldn’t put this masterpiece down!

Why Did I Write “Spanky’s Secret?”

Okay, let’s talk about why I wrote Spanky’s Secret. Specifically, why I wrote a story set in an outlaw motorcycle club? Because Spanky’s Secret … Shines a light on discrimination — Discrimination paints with a broad brush, viewing people as a group; not as individuals. It assesses worth based on people’s performance—wealth, status, and education. […]

The Nomad Novelist

A Life Spent Adventuring

Sherrie’s life has orbited around one conviction—Why not? She loves music, so she locked herself in a radio broadcast studio for 10,000 hours, a career she began at age 17; when she retired, she was half The Morning Team on the leading FM station in southeast Idaho. She loves adventure, so she’s ridden her own motorcycle 80,000 miles; she started that in her 40s. But she has always been a writer.

Her apprenticeship began with the short stories she wrote while in junior high school and advanced to bylines on approximately seventy feature articles for newspaper and magazine before her first novel was released in 1998. Raised by a physician and a nurse, she met her husband when he was a patch-holder in an outlaw motorcycle club. Now single and solo, she Nomads around the West, pulling her travel-trailer home behind an F-150. Sherrie is a graduate of the University of Idaho, holding a BS in environmental regulations and hazardous waste management.

“Airwaves” and “Only HIs Kiss” were two of the five novels in Chariot Victor Publishing’s Promises Romance series … followed by years of the author’s silence, though “Only His Kiss” was among the favorites in the personal reading libarary of author Anne Rice. Sherrie began reviving her career in 2020, with the release of Airwaves, Revised Edition. In writing her next novel, Sherrie held nothing back; the much-anticpated “Spanky’s Secret” was launched in May 2022.