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Airwaves, Revised Edition

November 2020

4.8 / 5 stars Amazon Reader Rating

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Back Cover: The Diamond – KDMD-FM – has dazzle, in the independence it affords its newest on-air personality, Emily Erikson, and in the talent and stunning good looks of its program director and morning-drive announcer, Colin Michaels. The only thing he lacks is any kind of history that anyone knows; the only thing he wants is Emily, who’s so unlike the too many women who have too much to say about him in the resplendent mountain valley of Missoula, Montana. As smooth as his voice is rich, Colin turns on 100,000 watts of charisma to win her – and years of thinking fast on his feet to protect Emily from the sneaky maneuverings of a groupie who isn’t all he claims to be. Then Emily uncovers proof that it’s Colin who’s stealing from the station. When she doesn’t know who to believe, she has to believe God.

Only His Kiss

June 1999

4.6 / 5 stars Amazon Reader Rating

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Back Cover: Sonja Thorseth doesn’t want to be a nuisance to the man with the burnt-amber eyes. She simply wants to follow him. Even if it means following a wagon train down the Santa Fe Trail alone, on foot. Thaddeus Staley, the man with the distinctive eyes, plans to establish a new life and medical practice in Santa Fe. His plans don’t include an impetuous woman with a badly bruised knee and a passel of secrets. But Sonja couldn’t help it. She had to run, for she couldn’t stay. Not when Papa might discover what she did. Not when it might happen again. Let Papa go on to the newness of the Oregon Territory without her. Let him remember her as she was . . . before. Thaddeus is the victim of himself and blames another. Sonja is the victim of another and blames herself. They will learn God settles all such condemnations with grace.

Book #3 is in the works! As of October 2021, I’m making the final edits and revisions. The manuscript will go through one more review with my editor before it’s released on Kindle; I’m thinking December 2021 or January 2022. Review readers tell me this is the best book I’ve written. I think it’s going to blow some minds!